How our solar system works

New to the science of solar? No worries. To help, we’ve made a simple guide on how it works and the significant savings our systems can provide both for you and the planet.

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Here's how

Save with solar

Going solar can feel daunting at the beginning, we get it. But over the last five decades, we’ve perfected our systems to be the simplest and most efficient in the market so you can save with solar.

  • We do solar differently

    With us, it doesn’t matter whether you get solar with our unique solar subscription model or purchase a system, you’re able to use the same amount of power but pay less for it. So you don’t have to compromise on your home comforts. 


  • Stream the sun and save

    We offer two ways to go solar. With our solar subscription you can get your solar system installed for $0 upfront, plus you’re guaranteed savings on your power bills from the get-go, saving you thousands in the long run. Or if you prefer to purchase a solar system, we guarantee you’ll always have access to cheaper energy.

  • Simple and easy

    With options to suit you and your home, we make it as easy as possible to transition to renewable energy and run your home on sunshine.

Start saving straight away

We always get asked about how much it will cost you to install a solar system and how much it will save you. With our subscription model, we don’t charge anything for the installation, and you’ll start saving straight away.  

Or you might be someone who wants to own their system. We have options for that too.


New look and feel, same us

You might be seeing a different look and feel to the last time you visited us. We have made some enhancements to give you more information and make the whole process of getting a solar system even easier. 

Run your home on sunshine

Be in to win a $1,000* supermarket voucher

Install solar panels and a smart battery this summer for $0 upfront with our solar subscription. We also guarantee savings on your power bill from year one. Everyone that installs before February 29th, 2024 will go in the draw to win a $1,000 supermarket voucher. Terms and conditions apply.

Ask about solar today and start saving

Keen to get started with solar? Enter your details and one of our friendly energy experts will be in touch.

Our solar success stories

  • Christine from Nelson

    The team worked with me to decide what should be powered when we had a power cut. Knowing what will still be powered is really helpful.

  • Timo from Wellington

    Its great to know that my home and cars are powered with sunshine. I have seen significant cost savings on my bills with solar.

  • Grahame from Auckand

    My solar subscription cut my power bill in half.