The saving power of solar

How running on sunshine saves you money on your energy bill.

Generate more, buy less

Switching to solar energy means you’re generating power you’d otherwise be buying off the grid. This means the more you make, the less you need, and the more you save.

Your battery is an important driver of those savings.  It is designed to store any excess energy your panels generate, meaning you’ll need to buy less from the grid during peak (and expensive) times of the day. 

Full power transparency

Studies show that when people have more visibility over how much energy they’re using, they use less — now that’s something we can get behind. 

Our solar system comes with access to a full monitoring dashboard that enables you to track how much solar energy is being generated, stored and used. This also helps our team of energy experts optimise your system in the background to make sure it's running as best it can, both for your pocket and the planet.

Flexible options

Not sure which option is right for you?