Plugging into the power of the sun

How our solar systems transform sunshine into good energy and long-term savings.

Sunshine is the planet’s most abundant and renewable energy source. Paired with smart solar systems, our technology absorbs its rays and transforms them into good energy for you to power your home. 

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Here's how

The three parts of your solar power system and how they work to power your home.

  • Solar panels

    These are installed on your roof to capture the sunlight. As they absorb the sun, they convert it into electricity. Our solar systems are ‘grid-connected,’ meaning that when they’re storing more electricity than what you need or can store, it gets sent back to the grid.

  • Inverters

    These devices then take the direct current (DC) electricity captured by the solar panels and convert it into alternate current (AC) electricity. This is the good, renewable energy that you can use in your home and sell back to the grid when you generate more of it than you need.

  • Solar battery

    These ensure you’re able to power your home with as much solar energy as possible. Batteries store any excess energy your panels have created during the day for the energy to be used at night. They take this stored energy and convert it back into usable electricity overnight for you to use during busy times like the morning rush.

How do solar power systems work with grid energy?

Keeping you connected

Most of our solar systems are grid-connected so that any excess solar energy your home generates can easily be sold back to the grid, and you can earn credits on your power bill.

They also work in conjunction with the energy grid, which tops up your power source if there’s less sunshine or you need more energy than your battery can hold. 

Our team manages your battery to optimise the cost of any energy you get from the grid. As well as ensuring you purchase energy when it is cheap and selling it when it makes the most sense for your home. We optimise your system to maximise your savings.

The sun’s calling

Switching to solar can be a daunting process. But once we’ve helped you work out which of our flexible solar options works for you, the rest is a simple, streamlined process we’ve been perfecting over many years. From there, you can enjoy the many benefits.

  • Lower monthly power bills

    Cheaper energy for your home and savings on your power bills.

  • Options to suit your home

    Whether it’s a solar subscription or purchasing a system, we work with you to find the right option.

  • Ongoing support

    Our team is dedicated to helping optimise your system, maintaining the technology and maximising your savings. 

  • Living on good energy

    Streaming solar means you’re doing your bit to significantly decrease your carbon footprint at no cost to your home comforts.

Now you understand how solar works, here are the benefits.

Learn about the benefits of solar for your home.