Subscribe and stream the sun for no upfront cost

Plug in, get going and save with our solar subscription.

What is a solar subscription, and how does it work?

Enjoy all the benefits of solar power without the high upfront costs of buying the panels and battery.

We offer a solar subscription service, enabling you to have the system installed for no upfront cost. Simply pay a fixed monthly fee to enjoy all the benefits of solar energy and use it for 20 years. We own and manage the hardware, and you get to enjoy the good energy that’s generated whilst saving money on your power bills.

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How it works

The best bits

  • $0 upfront installation fee

    We cover all installation costs for a seamless switch to solar and make the change to renewable energy accessible to as many people as possible.

  • A fixed monthly fee 

    This ranges between $120-$270 + GST per month. The best bit? By being with us for 20 years, the monthly fee doesn’t increase at all during your contract with us.

  • 20 years of guaranteed savings

    We guarantee that your solar service will deliver you savings on your power bill from its first year of install, or we’ll give you a credit for the difference. 

  • Exclusive rates for grid power

    For any additional energy that you need to buy or any excess sunshine you need to sell back, we provide you with exclusive price-protected rates from one of our retail energy partners.

  • Optimised service

    Our team of solar experts regularly monitor the performance of your system to optimise its performance and your savings.

  • Hardware upgrades

    Over the course of your 20-year subscription we’ll provide upgrades at no additional cost. This includes a replacement of the battery if required (usually after 10 years). 

Ask about solar today and start saving

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How do I know solar’s right for me?

Just like you, our solar energy systems need the right conditions to flourish. For your home to be able to host our technology, there are a couple of conditions:

  • You own your home

    We can only install our systems if you’re the owner of the property.

  • Your power bill is more than $120 a month

    To guarantee that you will save money, you need a monthly power bill of $120 or more.

  • There’s roof space

    Solar systems require roof space for installation and we need a sunny area. We can take a look at your roof for you. 

What happens if I move house?

We get that not everything is permanent, and people move homes.  We have three different options for you if you decide to relocate.

  • Transfer

    We help you transfer the solar subscription to the new homeowner.

  • Pay out

    You pay out the remaining solar subscription and gift it to the new homeowner.

  • Move on

    Together, we move your solar subscription to your new home.

Solar Success Stories

Meet Sue, who’s been saving on her power bills using our solar subscription. 

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Sue's Story


Starting out on your solar journey can seem a little daunting at first. So we’ve compiled some of our frequently asked questions to help you navigate the world of solar below:

We offer a full 20 year warranty on the system as part of the solar subscription. So you don't need to worry about a thing.

As part of our solar subscription we install solar inverters, solar panels and a battery.

When you provide a power bill to us, we look at the units of power that you use, as well as the lines charges to calculate the number of solar panels that your home would benefit from installing. We use your power bills to estimate a range of savings that you could make each year. These are a range as we don't know everything that will happen over the next 20 years. These calculations assue that your energy usage will be similar to what it is now, and that over time your energy use will reduce by 5% as you have access to see how much energy is being generated and used in your home. We also assume there is an annual electricity price increase of 3.5%.

When you install solar using our solar subscription you don't need to worry about any of the upfront costs. You simply pay a fixed monthly fee to access our subscription. Typically a solar system costs $20-30,000 to install. As part of the solar subscription you also get a replacement battery included. When purchasing a solar system you will need to pay for this replacement solar battery at around year 10. With the solar subscription we guarantee that you will save on your power bill. When you purchase a solar system we guarantee that you will get cheaper energy. Our team of energy experts can take you through what the two options would look like for your home.

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