Why Christine chose solarZero to power her home

About five years ago Christine was in the market for solar. She’d decided it was time to look at other ways she could power her home that was a cheaper and greener alternative. However, as she shopped around she soon learned that the setup costs were prohibitive and not something she could afford, which was disappointing.

“The upfront cost was way out of our reach. Some had offers to pay off over 5 years, but then there’s the cost of the battery and maintenance.”

solarZero was different

Then Christine came across solarZero and noticed they were offering something different to the other suppliers she had researched. This new service offered no setup or maintenance costs, so she was naturally intrigued.

“solarZero looked like the perfect solution for me, a start price of zero, then the fact we don’t need to do anything, it is all done for us. And best of all the solarZero system is monitored over the internet to make sure we are getting the best out of the panels.”

A great fit for a busy household

Christine has a busy household, with lots of energy needs, not only from the five humans who live there but also a menagerie of creatures - two turtles who need warm tanks and an aquarium of 11 fish who need the filters running all the time.

“We have had a great experience with solarZero. The people who set us up over the phone made sure we understood everything, and there were no hidden costs. The solarcity installation team who came to the house were outstanding. They sorted any issues we had and communicated with us often. Our installer even calls us to see how we are and to make sure we are happy.”

It’s easy to keep an eye on power use

Christine uses the mysolarzero dashboard to track her solar usage and see how much solar is helping to power her home.

“It’s a great wee gadget to see exactly what the panels are doing and to see what the grid gets from us. We use Ecotricity for our grid power and as a solarZero customer we get a much cheaper rate than what we paid for grid power in the past.”

Although Christine loves the cost-saving she’s getting from solarZero, she’s also proud to be running her home on 100% renewable energy.

“The best thing is knowing we are getting to be a bit more clean and green”


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